Jorge Hidalgo

Artist Born in Pasto Columbia

Bild image of Jorge Hidalgo

Foto: Ralf Emmerich

My work:

A large part of my performance have developed in public. The first actions and performance were politically provocative protest-work.
The direct confrontation of the public with their social symbols, and mine, as part of public life, as well as outcast,
are part of my work as well as the use of improvisation and theatrical styles, ritual music, poetic, mask-dance and dance.

The Themes range form very critical political statements about social establishment,
which are twisted and revealed during the performance to religious and cultural cliché which are made transparent or made absurd.
The focus of my interests is shamanism and religious syncretism and the investigation of my own Indian heritage.

Performance und Ausstellungen:


Jorge Jaramillo Hidalgo

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